Natural Bridal Makeup

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Natural Bridal Makeup

Natural makeup on your wedding day will enhance your features and bring out your natural beauty so you’ll be able to blow him away when you he sees you walk in the room.


With todays Instagram images fueling the trend for strong brows and equally strong contouring you might feel a bit intimidated if you’re a ‘no makeup’ kind girl.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to makeup, on your wedding day you can have your makeup as strong or as natural as you like.


Your makeup does not have to be heavy for the photographs.


The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, confident and gorgeous on your big day.


Exactly how ‘natural’ you go for your wedding day makeup will depend on the time of your wedding . .

Natural makeup on your wedding day

Day time or evening wedding?


You can get away with a bit more makeup for an evening wedding – and you can still look really natural.


Summer or Winter wedding?


The days are so much shorter in the winter, and the light quite cold, even on a sunny winters day, so you’ll need a touch more makeup than you might think – just to look healthy and glowing!


You can definitely carry off a natural wedding makeup for either event, but the makeup would need to be tailored to fit you, your dress, the time of day and the lighting in the venue.


There is no need to look or feel like someone else on your big day

Whatever the time of day, type of venue or time of year be the ‘best version of you’ on your wedding day, with a natural, gorgeous makeup.

Natural Wedding Makeup Fabulous Eyes

Natural makeup depends on the subtle play of colours and tones, applied in just the right balance. The emphasis can be on the lips, but more usually it will be on the eyes.


Wedding makeup isn’t about just looking good on camera.


Your makeup doesn’t have to be heavy to look gorgeous on your wedding day.


On the wedding day the focus will be on you, you’ll be in a lot of photographs on your big day, however, you don’t have to have a heavy makeup to look good in photos.


It’s all about balance, it is important that your makeup looks good when people look at you close up.

Soft browns, neutral greys, even soft greens such as Lichen by cosmetics a la carte can be perfect for contouring and defining the eye.


A touch of shimmer on the eye lid can be pretty, for either a summer or winter wedding.


Lashes can be key when it comes to making a natural eye pop. 


The impression we want is that your eyes look gorgeous but the onlooker isn’t sure why.

Bridal makeup: the Base.

Choose your primer to suit your skin type, oily, dry or combination.


Next step is to even out your skin tone, try a lovely light tinted moisturizer,

Cream or powder blush both work equally well, the skill is in the application.


It is important that your natural makeup stays looking good all day, so I would still advise a light dusting of powder such as Mac Prep & Prime.


Brows can be natural, but a touch of definition will help to frame your features. I find brow powders a bit easier to control when applying than brow pencils, best to start off with less definition and build up slowly.