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About Harleen

Hair & Make Up Artist and Founder

My main passion for what I do stem’s from creating confidence in women. I am a massive “Girl power” fan.

If I can make a woman on her wedding day look but most importantly “Feel” amazing then today has been a success!

Each and every person has something unique and beautiful about them – it is my job to polish that uniqueness using subtle yet effective makeup techniques that will create that flawless radiant finish to your makeup.

I love trying various hairstyles as this pushes me creatively but ultimately I would say my style is quite Undone. I love tumbling romantic waves and loose relaxed up-styles that are not massively fussy but have some texture and attention to detail. I adore flowers in the hair as well as interestingly adorned hair pieces.

My makeup style is very much about enhancing your natural beauty rather than masking it.

I am making a difference to how that person feels and it gives my clients a massive confidence boost. I get to make amazing women look great on such a happy day of their life. Nothing beats that job satisfaction. 


I feel incredibly privileged to be acknowledged for my makeup skills by all of my brides.