Engagement Makeup

Long Lasting Makeup

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Engagement makeup is the in-between makeup routine. It’s neither as light as party makeup nor as heavy as bridal makeup. The ambiance in which you will have to walk up to the stage to exchange rings with your beloved and make it an official statement for all to witness and cherish a forever story, is very significant in helping you decide which engagement makeup you prefer. If your engagement has a theme, take note of it when you’re finalising your outfit. Your outfit will decide the kind of makeup you should get. If your theme is Rajasthani, your outfit will probably be traditional and so will your makeup. Also, consider the hairstyle you plan to flaunt with your engagement dress. With an elaborate hairdo, you can go with natural-looking makeup. If you plan to go bold with the makeup, ensure that your hairstyle fits in seamlessly with the entire ensemble instead of standing out. Believe it or not, your makeup entirely depends on your outfit.

Many Brides want to keep their Makeup minimal on their Engagement so that they can opt for the loud Makeup on their Wedding. While some other brides want to have the bold look in Engagement & go for the light makeup in Wedding. Some look for Glossy Makeup, while others desire for Matte Makeup.

Engagement Makeup

Engagement Hairstyle

HD Makeup


We all know that a million photographs are taken during a wedding with the beautiful bride whether it is the groom or the guests. From the professional photographers that you have hired to the guests with their cell-phones and cameras, everyone will be taking pictures of you! As the bride, you want to make sure that not a single picture of yours comes out looking bad. It’s your wedding day after all!


With the advent of High Definition lenses and high-quality cameras in cell-phones, it can get a little tricky for the bride to look natural in photos rather than looking caked up in makeup. HD cameras will reveal flaws like wrinkles, breakouts, and creases, resulting in a picture that does not turn out very good in spite of the high quality of the camera. HD makeup saves you from bad pictures through its light-scattering and light-reflecting particles that will give a softer focus to your face, flattering your complexion.


HD makeup is a brilliant fusion of technology embedded in art. Its ingredients are such that it will help you achieve a glamorous look. However, HD makeup is not just about the type of makeup used, but also the technique in which it is applied. To truly achieve an HD look, you need a professional that will apply that makeup on you with an advanced level of makeup skills. Chanderlata and her team will use their expertise to make wonderful use of such makeup and deliver it in a brilliantly artistic way onto the canvas that is your gorgeous face.

Eye Make-Up

Your eyes speak a thousand words. Eyes can weave a magic that cannot be described in those words. And that magic can be enhanced with a little make-up. Eye make-up brings out the beauty of your eyes and acts as a sharp feature on your face. The eye make-up is customised according to the customer’s desires, skin colour, type of eyes and the look they want to achieve. Foremost, the occasion is the most important decisive factor. There is eye make-up for every occasion and every style.